What kind of video you watch on YouTube throughout the day. Video music, funny video, movie trailer or if you have a problem, watch the video on YouTube to find a solution. Some may like to watch videos about technology. So He/she subscribe to all the technology-related channels on his YouTube.

However, it cannot ignore that most people watch YouTube spend time. They have nothing to do just sitting down and watching the video on YouTube. Spending time watching a video isn’t bad at all. People watch this video for spending time. However, many are fans of a particular channel. They like to wait for a new video from the channel.

Well, how would it be the time we spend watching YouTube videos, spend it smartly? By watching the video, I spent time and learned something new. There are many YouTube channels whose purpose is to make videos to teach you something new and to introduce you to new ideas. Suppose you are stuck in the street for jam or sitting idle at home. what’s wrong? if you utilize the time to learn something but not Sitting idly. So let’s introduce you to some YouTube channels from which you can learn something new every day.


TED talks

People who Regularly watching educational videos on YouTube or dealing with new ideas but haven’t heard Ted’s name probably won’t be possible. What is Ted? Ted is an Idea Sharing platform. The public Speak of prominent people in the TED conference is bein shared with everyone on this YouTube channel. What do they talk about? They talk about education, medical, art, trade, job, travel, and everything. The purpose of their talk is to reach out the idea to everyone. Because of Ideas worth spreading.

For the benefit of everyone, they use different YouTube channels. When talking about education, use Ted-ed. Here, they present all the new ideas about education as well as new ideas in addition to the teaching. When they do a conference on a topic, they use Ted-talk. In Ted-talk, the speaker has to finish his talk in 18 minutes. Speakers can talk about anything that will be useful to the audience. Maybe it’s an educational statement or a discussion about business.



“This is SciShow and we hate not knowing” You can understand exactly what they are trying to say by this. There is no end to knowing. There are always new things happening in this world. Even Many things happened in the past, but we don’t know the reason. There are many mysteries events from the ocean to the universe. Starting from the origin of computer viruses to The growth of our immune system. SciShow talks about everything.

This channel talks about the science world. it helps us to think about science in different ways.

It’s Okay To Be Smart 


Let’s think and say, what are you like to know about? Space? Virtual Reality? Your dog’s habit? Honey of Bee? Is the shape of the earth round or flat? You can understand by looking at the channel’s name, it’s not bad to know this. it’s good to know about your interest. The channel “It’s Okay To Be Smart” will help you to know this. This channel will show you all the details about the mysteries of the world.



How many ways to think about science? Earth, space, mathematics, physics, the human mind and so on! Any questions about everything, you can find the answer to this channel. Think once, what would happen if everyone on earth jumped together? What if the sun in our solar system suddenly disappeared? Is our world round or flat? You can find answers to such questions on this channel. This channel mainly discusses the major theories and concepts of science. The way it discusses here is enough to make you think about science In a new way.

Big Think 


Let’s think about something where philosophy and politics are intertwined with science. Well, how do philosophers think? When the country’s economy starts to collapse, how should we take a desition? What level do you have to cross to achieve self-esteem? Is time travel really possible? Are intelligent people meritorious from birth? The channel appeared with such thoughts. With all these thoughts, you will begin to think about the world again. you will start to think about the solution to complex questions. You will learn many new things.

Common Sense Education 


Common Sense is not a matter of learning. This is a matter of practice. But in some cases, it seems that it really needs to teach People common sense. Monitoring people’s personal affairs, rile everywhere, ignore responsibility, The confusion between the online world and the real world In many cases it seems that some people need to have separate classes. But it is not possible to bring everyone in a class. So this channel is there to convey the right word to them.

This channel not only makes this kind of video. What are the qualities of an ideal citizen in the present age, What To Do To Be An Ideal Parent, How the baby’s mind works, Here you will get a separate video about every things. Moreover, the channel also talks about how the world has become tolerant or intolerant in the eyes of the youth of today.

The Infographics Show 


How does it feel to know the information? No, I’m not talking about any interesting information. No such information will know by reading the story. Speaking of all such information, it seems difficult to understand. Those who have to memorize something without understanding it know how boring this task is And difficult. Sometimes while reading, it seems that if someone would present this information in a different way. How easy it would be if the information would be present in a funny way. 

The Infographics Show makes it easy for you to remember this information. They make animated videos on various topics and present them on their channels. political, scientific, sports and medical They make videos on all topics. The videos are really informative and the cartoon animations are also fun to watch. Not only do they make videos with information but also. They make animated videos on all interesting topics. Also, they highlight all the funny puzzles through cartoon animations. 



Think about one thing, the way you were raised from childhood, the way you were taught, the way to introduce you to the world around you, was it enough? Or could things be a little different or more beautiful? Of course, it could be. There are many beautiful and modern rules for teaching children good manners, teaching them empathy, teaching them to work in groups. This channel has many videos on how to teach these rules to kids. There are also some issues that should be given more importance in raising children. 

All of the channels talked about here, make videos based on their target audience. Every time they present new information based on their main topic. If you like, you can make videos like these and share them with everyone. This is not something you always have to rely on on a YouTube channel. You can share your video on Facebook and share it with everyone also.