7 Master tips to Improve Productivity

7 Master tips to Improve Productivity

To say it simply, productivity refers to the exact result you are getting from a particular work by effort. That means productivity is the ratio of your hard work and labor outcomes.

This productivity is the cause of the excitement or frustration of many of you. Because many are seeing the great achievements of hard work, that means productivity is working just fine. Many people are not getting expected results despite hard work. As a result, they are getting frustrated day by day. 

There are ways to get rid of all the frustrations. you are welcome if you think you are good at productivity. But if you are far away from productivity despite hard work, then I think you have some lack of basic concept of productivity.

Here are 7 master tips to Improve productivity that you should follow

What is the best time of day for your work?

Can you remember more in the morning study? Or suppose guitar practice seems to be more productive in the afternoon? Do one thing. Make an experiment. Make a record of your daily tasks in a phone note or diary. Then try to find out which is the best time to do some particular task, when you can give the most attention to the work and the work seems effective to you too. Taking a record like this will give you a clear idea about your productivity curve so that you can create your rutin according to it.

In this way, if you can effectively create a productive routine, your productivity will start to increase.

Follow 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule is also known as the “Pareto Principle“. The Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto is the founder of it. back in 1895, he reveals it.

This rule intimates that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. To say it simply, 20 percent of your daily work will bring you 80 percent results. And keep this in mind too – working less means not alchemy.

To follow the rule first you have to make a list of your daily work. Now consider what daily activities are most helpful to you in meeting your life goals. Now assign these tasks to your daily productive hours. If you can, then do those tasks first. following the 80/20 rule in this way, you will find productivity in yourself within a few days.

Wake up and focus on yourself

One of the habits most common to many of us is to start the day by checking e-mails, messages, and notifications right after waking up. haveing this habit you may stay up to date but your virtual mind going to fix what you are going to achieve through the day after checking this email, message or notification. So before starting the day with checking e-mail and message focus on yourself. Give yourself time. you can do some exercise or meditation in the morning after waking up. Then a healthy breakfast with reading newspapers will Increase your chances of increasing your productivity.

Now you can check your E-mail, massage or notification. now it will help you lot than harm.

Turn off social media notifications at work time

I think the biggest enemy of productivity is social media. Repeatedly checking the phone for notification, get stuck on your phone screen is a disorder. Once to check the notification we tent to spend hour and hour on facebook. Hopefully, such an example is countless.

Let me give you a piece of small information. When you check this notification, it will take 20 minutes and 5 seconds to fully restore the attention from the distraction and loss of attention. suppose you allocate 1 hour for a particular task. In this time if you take a look at your social network you going to lose a minimum of 30 minutes. That means you are getting only half of your allocated time for your task. The final word is your work not going to be perfect. I know it to ignore social media notification is very hard for all of us. But we can keep our phone in a silent mood during work time. This way you can turn the task into a habit if you pass it for 25 days. From now you would be able to catch the topics of Chemistry and Higher Math quicker than before.

Say no to unnecessarily multitasking

The work you do every day must be helpful to your goals. Make sure you are not gonna be “Master of all but a jack of none”. You have to follow this to be productive. That’s why you should stop multitasking right now. It works nothing but westing time. Let me give you a piece of information. If you change 10 tasks a day, your average IQ is reduced to about 10 points. if you do the task in a low target, Your ability to do the work will increase. when your productivity will increase Your work speed will increase by a hundred times.

I am not going to stop multitasking. I am talking about not to do so many tasks at once. Because in this case, the probability of low productivity is almost 100%.

Take a break, break down the big task and make it smaller

doing work through a long time often we feel a Headache. This means that our brain has lost all glucose to work. In this condition take a break. The break doesn’t browse social media. As a break at work, you can take a walk. or can eat some food. otherwise can do meditation. By doing this your bain will gain glucose and your work will be productive.

Does any work seem too big or too bumpy? don’t worry. To increase the productivity of these tasks, break the tasks down into smaller ones. Small productive tasks will get you through the big work.

Give yourself a treat

you did a lot of work. Now treat yourself. when the goals of each work you met, reward yourself. This own reward practice will help you to stay motivated. And if you can keep yourself motivated all the time, productivity will be your best friend.

In addition to these, productivity has some more mantras. For example, The work you find hard to you, try to do this before lunch. Pay close attention to your daily routine along with the to-do list. Eating a healthy diet also important to be productive. After all, if not enough sleep, such a plan for productivity, everything will be dusty.

You cannot achieve productivity in one day because productivity is as dependent on practice as many other tasks. And you must have to follow all this rule to practice productivity. But here too, some psychological things will stop you again and again. For example, our ability to control ourselves is very limited. Therefore, to overcome this obstacle, you need very strong willpower.

There is also a tendency to work while doing the other. In this, work is nothing but a waste of our mental energy. As a result, it reduces our productivity by 40 percent. The big thing is, to stay busy and to be productive is not the same. So pay attention to be productive not to be busy.

Here is everything you need to boost your productivity. So start to increase your productivity.

“I hope you don’t take too long to find yourself productive!”