10 Tips To Save Your Extra Cost

10 Tips to save your extra cost

Shopkeeper:- Hey bro! I’m gonna get so much money from you.

You:- I will pay you soon.

As he walked out of the tea shop and passed the photocopy shop, Rahim was covered his face with a booklet. Here also gets money from Rahim. When he will get money from home and pay the owe, Rahim doesn’t know it. Rahim has to pass such an embracing moment at the end of every month. Rahim can’t understand, only he or others also face the situation.

Money is very interesting to him. Money from home, from tuition, can’t afford the cost of him. At the very beginning of every month, he has to pay the owe. Then the rest of the money how does he spend can’t understand.

After some months, Suddenly Rahim realizes he has lots of money at the end of the month. What’s happen? hmmm…

He has a thousand TK notes in his wallet from some days. But he is not spending this due to laziness. Hey, Many expenses have been reduced due to a lack of breakdown pieces of money several times this month. Rahim realizes, In cases where he did not spend money, was not important at all. It’s something like an unnecessary cost.
There is something more …….

Thinking for a long time, he discovered that poverty at the end of the month for extra cost issues is very economical and very psychological! But he always seemed to, everything just because he poor.
Friends,!! The problem of overcharging is a fact of life for most of us. It’s not a simple subject. For this habit, many of us are often in danger. Now let’s see what is the way to avoid the unnecessary extra cost.

Why You Want To Reduce Costs!

It’s fine you want to reduce your cost. But first, you should be sure actually why you like to reduce your cost. for example, someone likes to save money to buy a laptop. but for the unnecessary extra cost, he can’t save money. In that case, buying a laptop is a motivation for him to reduce costs. Many fall into owing. In that case, reducing costs can be a factor in avoiding emotional distress. For someone, they are unable to set the priority of their cost. For example, suppose you bought a branded shirt or tops with tuition fees. In that case, you may not be able to continue your education for the tuition fee left. In this case, such future consequences or the preservation of honor may be motivations.

Set A Reminder

You can use a token in your purse as a reminder to remember why you want to reduce the cost. Suppose you have a trip with your friends. You doubt whether you will be able to manage the money due to the habit of bad expenses. In that case, placing a picture of Sylhet landscaping in the wallet will help to remind to reduce the bad cost. Again, Maybe you have to contribute to your younger siblings educated. In that case, keeping his picture in the wallet your mind will force you not to bad expense.

Find Out Where You Are Wasting Money

In this part, you will follow an interesting thing. if you find out where you are spending your money, you will find there are two obvious parts.
One, in some sectors you have to spend money and that is logical.
Two, in some sectors you do not want to spend money, yet how to spend.
you have to identify 2nd parts and should stop the cost as soon as possible. You can’t say, “I will do this from tomorrow”. Remember in this case tomorrow never come. So you should do it today.

Find Out Some Sectors Of Your Daily Cost

Some costs happen suddenly. some costs are happening every day. you are unable to catch them just because they are too small. For example, Your campus maybe ten minutes away by walk from your home but instead of waling you like to go by taxi, the rent is 100 TK. You’re late for class, so you have to take a taxi. Just renting it out daily is a huge monthly expense. In this case, your financial crisis is being created because of time management.

Many people forget to take a bottle of water every day because they buy a water bottle. In this case, the mistake is forgetting! Every day, You take a lot of cup of tea, also eat something from the canteen. Even though the cost looking small but the end of the month the amount goes big. There are lots of such costs. Identify them very quickly, you have to stop spending.

A list of priority

Many buy movie tickets with house rent money or go out to eat at a restaurant. Then when he needs money to pay house rent, they start to blame his lick. why he so pores? there is peace in my life, etc.
But he had money to spend in this sector! Now everything is out of control just for little capricious.

Therefore, you need to fix the priority before it cost. First pay for house rent, electricity-water-gas bills, food costs, transportation costs, tuition fees then you can satisfy your mind.

New money reduce the cost!

Although it’s hearing a little bit funny, this is one of the psychological tricks to reduce extra costs!
Most of us have weaknesses in the new note. Old money is spent sooner. But we do not want to spend a new note. so the money you will need through the month, but have a chance to spend, exchange them with the new note and keep them separately.

If you do not believe, you can put a lot of new money in the wallet, see if a change is coming!

Less cost with big notes

It’s a funny but effective trick. you can avoid a lot of small costs if you have only big notes in your wallet. It’s very simple, probably you won’t buy some by 40/50 TK when only 1000/500 TK notes in your wallet, of course, something that is unnecessary.

Take care and maximum use of your daily essentials things

We cannot maximum use of most things. Many people break glasses repeatedly, lose headphones. The cost seems too small. But if you can keep things carefully, it is not worth the expense. That’s why you have to take care of everything and try to use it maximum. also the things you no need can sell it to others.

Spending beyond your ability to gift a friend’s birthday also a common incident. You can make some awesome gifts, cards, crafts by West Material by watching YouTube videos. That not only reduce your cost also increase your love for your friend.

Costs of Entertainment, Fashion, and Restaurant!

Most of our fashion, getups, eating at restaurants – for showing off than necessary. Sometimes we buy clots when we don’t need it. We buy it just because some of my friends are buying. Again, buying the same lipstick in two or three colors just because of forgetting the exact color also a common occurrence. By reducing these unnecessary expenses, a good amount of money will be saved at the end of the month.

Eating at restaurants is an almost daily occurrence. But if you practice eating from home or avoiding eating out unnecessarily you will save the cost, as well as the body will be healthy and fit!

Reduce internet cost

Many times your internet data being loos even though it is off. Most Android apps like to use data in the background. if you stop your background data use from setting then your data cost will reduce.

Go to “Setting” and “Data use” where you can see all your app. See how much data is being spent on an app and Stop unnecessary app.

if you can follow those tips. your cost will reduce a lot.

However, don’t forget to share any if do you have.